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Switzerland-wide and internationally

our multilingual call center offers our swiss and international customers the entire spectrum of new customer acquisition and customer care.

as call center professionals, we support our customers with appointments and lead generation as well as direct customer acquisition.

as a data specialist, we offer database services and address processing for our customer database, including address verification. this is the basis of successful marketing campaigns.

as an outsourcing service provider, we specialize in customer care services – from order acceptance to support center/help desk or back office services. comprehensive customer service with excellent know-how – on your behalf.



new customer acquisition through telemarketing: our call center offers versatile campaigns with appointment setting, lead generation, lead management and telephone sales. prior potential and needs analyses optimize customer contact in b2b marketing. with trained staff, we cater to the special requirements of contacts at management level. when you make an appointment, we also take care of the entire appointment coordination for you and make sure that the planning is clean and efficient so that your sales staff only have to worry about selling.

we organize appointments of the highest quality. in this way, we support maximally efficient customer acquisition and personal customer care and ensure smooth sales processes. as a renowned call center in switzerland, we not only coordinate appointments for further customer or sales service, but also take care of the associated time-consuming administrative tasks. this allows our clients to reallocate internal personnel resources and concentrate on their core business.

we sell swiss company addresses, including contact persons on request. we also offer address enrichment and address verification for your existing database. our telephone and e-mail addresses are always up to date, making it easier to target new customers. the high-quality company addresses can be specifically selected according to sector, company size and geographical characteristics, including a direct contact person at management level, i.e. the decision-maker and thus the key figure in your sales issue.

as an experienced call center in switzerland, we focus successful new customer acquisition on your specific customer segment. we use company addresses from our extensive database that correspond to the selection criteria defined with you, such as industry, company size, turnover, etc. our database also offers you more specific attributes (e.g. number of pc workstations, electricity consumption of companies, etc.) and thus information for maximum targeted new customer acquisition. we also find out the contact information (telephone number, e-mail, position) of the decision-makers relevant to your sales issue.

our address database is consistently maintained and updated. Every year, numerous companies change their registered office, merge, apply for a name change or cease their business activities. in particular, we check high-quality addresses to ensure that they are up to date with regard to contacts at management and executive levels.


our multilingual customer care center covers the entire spectrum of customer care: from the support center to order acceptance and back office services. with our helpdesk service and on-call service, we support your customers in the operation of their software and hardware, help solve technical problems and advise on all steps of the ordering process. with our information and complaints hotline, we provide information about your products and services and also take care of efficient complaint management.

it is becoming increasingly important for companies to offer the best possible customer experience. this also includes multilingualism in customer contact. a customer hotline is the first point of contact when problems need to be solved or questions arise. support and sales processes are satisfactory for customers when they receive explanations or solutions to their concerns in their native language. this is a decisive factor in the success of your corporate strategy.

with our multilingual call center services in german, english, french, italian, greek, polish and hungarian, we offer you the advantage of successfully supporting and expanding your international business. take advantage of the resulting international sales opportunities.

as our multilingual inbound call center team is available 24 hours a day to handle your requirements, we can accommodate a wide range of time zones. our multilingual inbound telemarketing team also takes care of your helpdesk services at weekends and on public holidays. in addition, our customer service in the back office also takes care of your office work and thus various administrative tasks. our call center services create close-meshed and seamless sales process chains.

as a company grows, the demands on new customer acquisition and customer care service also increase. our call center services for telemarketing support companies in all phases of growth and market establishment. our call center handles increasing call volumes efficiently and professionally. even at peak times, our experienced staff always remain friendly and customer-oriented. with our helpdesk and on-call service, we offer your customers expert and patient assistance and solutions to technical problems. we report every fault report and carry out statistical evaluations.

your call center in switzerland

at jk development you can expect a comprehensive service for all aspects of b2b customer contact. jk development is your professional partner with excellently trained staff. we feel comfortable in the marketing of services and products that require explanation. we take care of all services in the areas of customer care, telemarketing and address database.