Customer Benefits

The customers of JK Development GmbH benefit from the experience of over 1,000 telemarketing campaigns and complex multilingual customer care mandates. Due to the outsourcing to a specialized partner, the costs are considerably reduced, the level of quality increased and the service spectrum broadened.

  • Collaboration with a specialized partner contributes not only to a higher rate of success, but also an increase in consistency and quality of service, due to years of experience in providing our services.
  • A cost-effective implementation of the services frees up resources that can otherwise be invested in growth and core competencies.
  • An extension that includes additional language areas leads to the maximum exploitation of market potential and enables us to service language areas that cannot be covered by internal capacities.
  • Outsourced services offer the greatest flexibility in a lively market. Flexible capacity and services also allow for focused marketing campaigns and promotions.

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