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jk development was founded in 2011. our headquarters are located in the swiss it valley of zug, and we have another office in munich – additional locations are currently being planned. with our many years of experience stemming from over 2,000 completed projects across various industries, we know how to successfully communicate complex solutions and services.

our brand is characterised by loyalty and continuity. as owner and co-founder, Marco Mannhart leads the company. we currently have 150 employees. our 100 full-time b2b agents, with whom we are able to cover eight different languages, enable us to implement numerous projects in tandem, as well as accept new projects at short notice. thanks to our international team, we are also effectively positioned to respond to local cultural needs and the specific features of doing business in the respective countries for your international projects.

jk development is 100% self-financed. our corporate culture is characterised by a sense of passion and the highest level of quality in everything we do.

our consistent growth is confirmation of our success and fills us with great pride.

check out our success calculator here to find out what contribution we can make to your success.

about us

our multilingual call centre offers our swiss and international customers the complete spectrum of new customer acquisition and customer care options. as a professional call centre, we support our customers with appointments and lead generation, as well as direct customer acquisition.

as a data specialist, we offer database services and address processing for our customer database – including address verification. this forms the basis of all successful marketing campaigns.

As an outsourcing service provider, we specialise in customer care services – from order acceptance to support centre/help desk or back office services. comprehensive customer service with outstanding expertise – all on your behalf.

our employees

Founder & Ceo

Marco Mannhart

e-mail : mannhart.marco@jk-development.ch

doesn't ask “why?”, instead “why not?”


Larisa Moroz

e-mail : moroz.larisa@jk-development.ch

tenure : 5 years

a marketing angel fell to earth from heaven


Marco Stettler

e-mail : stettler.marco@jk-development.ch

tenure : 6 years

is everywhere with boost

Sales Manager

Martin Kwidzynski

e-mail : kwidzynski.martin@jk-development.ch


Senior Sales Manager

Susanna Murara

e-mail : murara.susanna@jk-development.ch


mediterranean flair meets german-speaking switzerland - the best of both worlds

Head of Inside Sales

Jacqueline Blume

e-mail : blume.jacqueline@jk-development.ch


the friendly voice that our customers remember

Head of Project Management

Ayse Cakir

e-mail : cakir.ayse@jk-development.ch

tenure : 7 years

the style icon who also manages her projects with style

Relationship Manager

Adrién Louvet

e-mail : louvet.adrien@jk-development.ch

tenure : 8 years

with that french charm that guarantees your success

Relationship Manager

Rita Wild

e-mail : wild.rita@jk-development.ch

tenure : 7 years

a fantastic relationship manager at jk, and a super-mum at home

Relationship Manager

Sebastian Roth

e-mail : roth.sebastian@jk-development.ch

tenure : 7 years

the musical talent that rocks his projects

Relationship Manager

Monica Raschle

e-mail : raschle.monica@jk-development.ch

tenure : 9 years

our multitasking miracle

Relationship Manager

Marcel Schmidt

e-mail : schmidt.marcel@jk-development.ch

tenure : 11 years

the digital transformation nerd

Relationship Manager

Sabrina Bornhauser

e-mail : bornhauser.sabrina@jk-development.ch

tenure : 10 years

the cool, calm and collected professional for hot leads

Relationship Manager

Stephan Baumann

e-mail : baumann.stephan@jk-development.ch

tenure : 7 years

our top man in germany

Head of Administration

Samantha Brander

e-mail : brander.samantha@jk-development.ch

tenure : 1 year

the score’s settled here



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