there are many ways to acquire new customers. the most common methods include:

direct contact with potential new customers by telephone. find out more about acquiring new customers by telephone here.

online marketing:
use of digital channels such as seo, ppc, social media and email marketing.

networking events and trade fairs:
personal contacts at industry events to forge new business relationships.

referral marketing:
acquiring new customers by recommending existing customers.

telemarketing is an area of outbound marketing. outbound is part of cold calling, and we at jk development have been offering successful telephone marketing for over ten years. find out more about our services.

cold calling enables new markets to be entered by directly addressing unknown contacts, ideal for rapid growth and market expansion. challenging but potentially rewarding, it offers access to new customer groups.  

warm calling utilises existing relationships or interactions, creating a trustworthy framework for communication. it is characterised by a high success rate and positive reactions, ideal for long-term customer loyalty and stable growth. both approaches complement each other in a balanced sales strategy. jk development primarily offers cold calling. 

intelligent b2b marketing is crucial for acquiring new customers by enabling the evaluation of success during a campaign and honing future actions. strategic telemarketing opens up new market segments and emphasises competitive advantages while revealing valuable insights into customer preferences and sales opportunities. direct communication in telemarketing ensures the full attention of the other party and enables an immediate response, which forms the basis for successful customer relationships. thorough preparation and the use of a telephone acquisition guide increase the efficiency and effectiveness of new customer acquisition.

thorough preparation, the joint creation of a briefing and the resulting discussion guide are the basis for successful new customer acquisition.

the primary aim of acquiring new customers is to increase the company’s growth and revenue. it serves to expand market share, strengthen the brand and increase business diversity. in the long term, the acquisition of new customers should create a stable customer base that contributes to sustainable success and innovation.

measuring the success of new customer acquisition is crucial in order to assess the effectiveness of the strategies. provide insights into the roi of acquisition efforts through measurable metrics such as appointment bookings, conversions, and cost per acquisition. they enable continuous optimisation of the marketing and sales approaches for an efficient customer approach. 

thanks to our daily use of modern communication tools, a benefit arises from collaborating with jk development. the digitalised world of work makes it possible to use entirely new methods of establishing contact, in addition to telephone marketing. depending on which sector you want to target for your new customer acquisition, b2b marketing – working hand-in-glove with the latest technology – is well worthwhile. as a result, a gentle but effective new customer acquisition process can be developed. in doing so, contact media mesh together in a well-thought-out way. the result is a convincing b2b marketing operation that grants access to the market segment without seeming to be trying. after all, you don’t want to annoy the customer or even seem pushy.

by using various means of communication, we react quickly to enquiries and can provide information on new offers with ease. this strengthens the customer’s trust in the service or product. however, the heart of a well-organised new customer acquisition approach remains the professional telephone acquisition guide. the personal conversation on the phone still counts as an art form in b2b marketing. just like that, our professionals can respond to every eventuality. in addition, we gain valuable information about the customer in telemarketing. with this data, subsequent campaigns can be supported and, furthermore, customer loyalty can be strengthened.